Minggu, 20 Agustus 2017

My Plan

Holiday Plan.

Tasya and Tsania are talking about their own plan in next holiday.

Tsania : Tasya, what will you do next holiday?
Tasya  : I will go to America, Los Angeles, and Korea.
Tsania : Really? Can I come with you?
Tasya  : Actually you can if you have a lot of money, hahaha..
Tsania : By the way, with whom will you go there?
Tasya  : With Park Chanyeol, my boyfriend haha..
Tsania : Ugh, seriously? How will you go to that place?
Tasya  : I`ll go to that place by helicopter.
Tsania : Wow! I`ve never been in a helicopter before. how long will you have your holiday?
Tasya  : I`ll go for a month.
Tsania : Wow, It`s a long holiday. Can you bought me some souvenir?
Tasya  : Yes, whatever you want, Tsania.
Tsania : Wow! I can`t wait! I hope it will be your best holiday ever! Don`t forget to send your photos!
Tasya  : I will, and I hope so. Thanks, Tsania.
Tsania : Tasya, when you go to Korea, please send me tteokbokki, I want to taste some.
Tasya  : Sure, I`ll search for it and I promise that I`ll bring it for you.
Tsania : Oh thank you so much Tasya! You`re so kind to me. I`ll bring some souvenir to you too when I`m in my holiday.
Tasya  : Really? Thank you so much too, Tsania. Stay in touch when we`re on own holiday, okay?
Tsania : Okay, Tasya.

Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017


Mrs. Dewi

Mrs. Dewi is one of the teacher in SMAN 3 Bandung. She teachs art. And she is very kind, in my opinion. And I love art so much.
One day, I want to go home with my friend, Dhyne. We caught our public transportation in Lombok Street, which is far enough from our school. We should walk about 5-10 minutes. While Dhyne was taking her transportation to Cicaheum, I took mine to Sadang Serang.
When I was on that transportation, Mrs. Dewi came in. So I greeted her and she smiled at me. And she sat next to me. Mrs. Dewi opened her bag and asked, "where will you drop off?" I smiled and said, "I`ll drop off in Sadang Serang, Mrs."
A few seconds later, she gave 10.000 rupiahs to the driver and said, "sir, this is for me and for this girl," while pointing at me. At first I didn`t get what she said, but then I knew it. Actually I`m gonna said, "Mrs, you don`t have to do that." but the words that came out from my tongue was, "Thank you, Mrs. Thank you so much." I dont know what happen to me that day >_<. And then Mrs. Dewi just said, "You`re welcome."
I really thank to Mrs. Dewi that day. Because, for the last 1 week I want to sparing my money.
So when she stopped at Supratman Street, I said thank you to her for the last time for helping me.
Thank you Mrs. Dewi, I hope one day I can help you just like you helped me that day.

Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

My New Friends

Situation : In a Bus Station.

Moza    : "Excuse me, may I sit here?"
Tsania   : "Sure, it`s empty here."
Moza    : "Thanks. Where are you going?"
Tsania   : "I`m going home. By the way, I`m Tsania. What`s your name?"
Moza    : "I`m Moza, nice to meet you. Where do you live?"
Tsania   : "I live in Sadang Serang. How about you?"
Moza    : "Oh, it`s so far from my house. I live in Ujung Berung."
Tsania   : "Oh, I know that place. I have a friend who lives there. Do you have any friends from                           Sadang Serang?"
Moza    : "Unfortunately, no. I`ve never been there."
Tsania   : "Oh, there is my bus. See you later, Moza. It`s a pleasure to talk with you."
Moza    :  "You`re welcome. Good bye Tsania!"

Minggu, 30 Juli 2017

It`s me!

Assalamu`alaikum! Hello everyone! My name is Tsania Aufa Izzaty. Hm, you can call me Tsania or Aufa. Do you know what is the meaning of Tsania? Tsani, means the second child in Arab. Yup, I have an older sister. I was born on Ampenan, 7th of July 2002. Ampenan is an old town place in the west of Lombok. Well, actually I was born in Mataram. but in my Born Certificate, they write Ampenan. well, let`s not talk about this, haha.

Actually, I`m from Sumbawa. My mother and my abi were born there. Then, my abi takes his lovely queen to Lombok, and live there, and have 2 princesses!

My abi is a great man. He was born on Seteluk, Sumbawa, 5th of October 1971. Long ago, he had a little accident. He fell down from his uncle`s back when they were at field, and leave a big mark on his back. His parents don`t think that he is gonna be a farmer. So, my abi keep studying, reading his whole life. Well at least like that. So, when he tried to continuing his study to UGM, he accepted. Well, the whole family were happy. But, they don`t have enough money for my Abi. Because we`re just farmer. Well, finally they have enough money for him. My abi stayed there alone. And finish his S1 in Math Faculty. He went back to his village, and married his wife, my mother! Yeay!

My mother was born on 5th of October 1980. My abi took her to Jogjakarta and live there until he finished his S2 and took a job in University of Mataram as a math lecturer. My mother is a lovely person. She loves me and my sister so much. She is cooking well. Every food that she makes is so delicious! Yum!

My sister.. She is beautiful and wise. She is smart, beautiful, and caring person. Just like that. Lol.

I have many friends in Lombok. They are true friends. I can`t tell all of them, because if I tell you, you will read their names in 2 pages. Lol.

I have so many dreams. I want to go to Mecca, Madina, France, Italy, Germany, and so many more. I want to be an artist. A great artist. And.. woah, I can`t tell all of it too, because if I tell you, you will read a lot of pages.

I love handcraft. I love making something new. I made pencilcase, bag, phonecase, dolls, and many more. I really love it. Make something new for people around me. But, sometimes, I don`t have time to do it. I also like drawing and painting. Oh! And also, I loveee a poetry. Reading and writing a poetry. I really love it. I also like writing a story. Well, not usually but I like it.

Hm.. Ah, you know? I love photographing. Well, anything. But I more like to take a photo of nature. You know? Trees, flowers, leaves, birds, and water drops in close up.
I don't know since when I love photographing.  And alhamdulillah, my grandparents boughts me a camera. I really happy.

Now, I live in Bandung. Since 2014. I live at Sadang Serang with my abi, mother, and my older sister. I study at Senior High School 3 Bandung. It is a nice school, I love it. Before that, I studied at 14 Junior High School. When I studied there, I met my truly best friends.

They are Intan, Reni, Naila, and Nisrina. I love them so much. And so do they. Let me introduce them.
Intan is the oldest among us. And she is very wise. Just like our mother. Lol. Nope, just like our sister. I like to tell my story to her.
Reni, she is very kind to me. But, well yeah, she is a little .. shy, just like that.
Naila, she is soo cheerful. Just like me, Lol. But with her new friends, she is shy. She is a wonderful girl.
Nisrina. If you meet this girl, your first impression is, "wow, she is cute." Nisrina is study at Senior High School 3 too, so I really happy can meet her again. Nisrina is kind too.

I  was so happy when I knew that I accepted at Senior High School 3 Bandung. All of my family were happy. I can met great people, and learn many things from them.

Lombok is a beautiful island. I was so proud that I born there. To me, lombok is not just a beautiful beach, rinjani.. But Lombok is the place where I have a lot memories there. The place where my life started. The place where I grew.

But.. Wherever I am, what I need is my family.

See you!

My Plan

Holiday Plan. Tasya and Tsania are talking about their own plan in next holiday. Tsania : Tasya, what will you do next holiday? Tasya  ...